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Oui! Montreal

We've been busy this Spring jetting around North America in search of the best fashion this season.  Our second stop, was the cultural capital of Canada... Montreal! This cosmopolitan city, in the province of Quebec, is known for it's smart boutiques, European attitudes, and cobblestone streets. Montreal is actually an island that was founded in the 16th century and dubbed New France by it's founding fathers. Fast forward a few centuries and Montreal has become known as the port of Canadian fashion.  Just outside of the bustling streets of Montreal sit several clothing mills that produce goods for designers such as Maison Martine, Mackage, and our personal favorite... Frank Lyman. We're giving a lot of love to Frank this season because he continues to...

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Spring has Sprung!

At Enza’s, we're always looking forward to spring. The fresh air, fresh flowers and most importantly the fresh fashion. A few weeks ago Tony and I flew out to Las Vegas to the biggest apparel show in the country,  M.A.G.I.C., to buy the latest fashions, straight off the runways. We spent an entire week scouring all of the shows to bring the brightest new designers to you for 2017 (some old favorites too). Make room in your closets, because we plan on introducing you to the latest colors, textures, cuts and major fashion statements for each season.   The first fresh take on the fashion season is always spring. This year your spring fashion forward silouettes include dresses cut below...

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