About Us


Enza's Boutique opened to the Indianapolis market on October 1, 2010. Prior to the opening, Joseph and Enza Papalia had spent 50 years as custom tailors fitting Indiana's well dressed businessman. Custom suits were bench made (for men) with the quality detail and attention reminiscent of their Italian sewing tradition. Off the rack garments were altered to create custom style polished looks. Enza had a vision of patterning a store that allowed women the same opportunity to experience private fitting sessions that seemed exclusive to the attention only given a  woman when  purchasing a wedding gown. When a customer tries on a dress ...a skirt, pants,she no longer has to purchase a garment simply because it fits her off the rack. Now she can own the style that best suits her taste and have it craftily sculpted to fit her shape. 

Lisa Brown was born into the tailoring business. As the only daughter of Joseph and Enza Papalia she learned the family buisiness as a teenager. Years later, she and her parents have been tailoring the well dressed buisiness men and women of Indianapolis, in for over 30 years. Weather you need a new hem or entirely new look, Lisa's knowledge of the bespoke clothing and tailoring is second to none. 

With over 20 years in sales, Tony Papalia, also enjoys a successful career as an entrepreneur. He currently juggles multiple careers in real estate, construction and retail. His passion for Enza's grew out of his love for building buisinesses and helping women learn how to acheive their own personal style. Contact Tony to schedule your personal styling appointment today! 

mb: 317-509-0877 or find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enzasboutique/